Welcome Switzer Learning Center Alumni,

Our Alumni are an essential part of the Switzer Community. Your time and efforts at Switzer Learning Center were critical elements in the development of our school in the past, and we are very excited about our future at our new campus.

We consider a Switzer alum to be every person who graduated from Switzer or attended Switzer. As a member of our Alumni Association, you join former students who once called Switzer home. Reconnecting with our Switzer community through events, programs, and gatherings strengthens our school's past, present, and future.

Switzer has several ways to stay connected with your class, friends, and school. You can keep up with the action through our website, social media, or by attending the many programs at Switzer. We have Instagram and LinkedIn, or you can contact us by emailing advancement@SwitzerCenter.org.  

We ask that you please click here to update your contact information and keep us posted on life after Switzer.