Your contribution will enable us to continue to support students most in need.


Volunteer to Make a Difference! Volunteers play a central role in the life and growth of any nonprofit organization. With volunteers, costs can be contained, extra services provided, funds raised, messages communicated to a wider audience, and future board leadership developed. Without volunteer participation in all aspects of our organization, our mission becomes more difficult, costs go up, and the organization runs the risk of becoming insular and not responsive to the needs of the students we are designed to help.

Sample Volunteer Opportunities ​

  • Join our Board of Trustees, a Committee or a Special Events Team
  • Be an inspirational speaker, perform at student assemblies, volunteer for career day, or participate in the annual health fair
  • Participate in fundraising activities
  • Become a student mentor in your area of expertise
  • Sponsor or volunteer for annual field trips
  • Volunteer at Olympics Day, Graduation, Alumni Reunions, and other annual events
  • Tutor students
  • Teach an enrichment activity such as drama, art, photography, woodworking, cooking, or music
  • Help with filing, data entry, preparing mailings, search engine optimization, e-newsletters, social media, marketing, etc.
  • Donate expertise, supplies, and labor for landscaping and facility maintenance
  • Give gifts and prizes to positively reinforce students
  • Donate silent and live auction items for fundraisers
  • Provide an internship or shadowed vocational opportunity for a transitioning student (ages 18-22)

Caught in the Act!

Campus Beautification

Volunteers from Torrance Refining Company and Switzer staff come together for a day of campus beautification.

Corporate Volunteer Opportunities

Switzer Learning Center has worked with several local companies and service organizations to provide group volunteer opportunities for nutrition, career fairs and campus improvement projects. We would love to work with your organization and create a volunteer project that will uniquely meet our mutual interests.

Switzer Special Olympics

Community Volunteers, Parents, and staff from Torrance Refining Company serving up lunch for our student athletes.

Individual Volunteer Opportunities

Opportunities are available for individuals who would like to offer their time and talent. Contact Marketing & Development at development@switzercenter.org, and we will match your wishes and our needs to make a difference in the lives of our students. To become a regular volunteer who has ongoing contact with students, a criminal background screening and tuberculosis test is required by the California Department of Education.