The Traditional Program (Diploma Track) has the capacity of serving up to 120 students daily in grades 5 through 12. Every student works toward obtaining their high school diploma while building self-confidence and improving their academic skills.

About the Program

The Curriculum

The Traditional Program (Diploma Track) uses California State adopted core curriculum, technology and instructional materials with accommodations and modifications to help students with learning, social, and emotional challenges. The goal is to help students earn high school diplomas on-time while encouraging a passion for learning beyond their experiences at Switzer.

Individualized academic instruction, counseling, speech therapy, tutoring, behavioral interventions, extracurricular activities, corrective reading programs, and vocational training help neurodivergent students develop healthy habits and positive learning attitudes.

Instructional Support and Vocational Skills

Instructional and related support services are provided based on goals and objectives written into each student’s Individualized Education Plan (IEP.

Throughout the curriculum, regardless of grade level, students are introduced to vocational skills that will benefit them in their future work places. Some of the focus areas are: appropriate social/work place behavior, timely completion of work, how to ask for assistance, etc. As students enter high school, vocational skill development becomes more focused as they learn to search for a job, write a resume, and interview with prospective employers. Onsite vocational skills classes teach students about food preparation, basic carpentry, maintenance, landscaping, computer services, retail sales, and video editing. 71% of our students transition to college or vocational schools after earning their high school diplomas.

“At Switzer Learning Center, the staff empower students and help them develop confidence and self-esteem.”

— Max, Age 15